Shungiku: best wrapping leaf ever!

I’m SO excited, I have to tell you how tasty my meal was tonight – thanks to Shungiku leaves.  They’re the PERFECT leaf for wrapping other food because:

  1. They’re not brittle, so they won’t crack – and they roll really nicely
  2. They’re thick and sturdy enough to keep food from poking through
  3. Their flavor is really tasty, but subtle – so it doesn’t over-power whatever you put inside

My husband and I rotisseried a duck tonight.  We mixed the duck meat and skin with some mango chutney, then laid the mixture plus chopped Onion Scapes inside Shungiku leaves and rolled.  Magnificent! (if I do say so myself : )  Then I put the duck carcass inside the crock pot with water, onion scape, herbs from my share (English Thyme & Tarragon) plus ginger and lemon.  It will make a beautiful stock while I sleep – and tomorrow, I’ll throw some of the other greens from my share in the stock to make a tasty soup.  Yum, yum, yum.  Lovin’ my share!


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