What’s in your share this week

1. mix green
2. White Radish
3. Red Radish
4. White Paty Pan Squash
5. Yellow Paty Pan Squash
6. Bull’s Blood Beets
7. Arugula
8. Straight Eight Cucumber
9. Peach
10. Tomato
11. Prune
12. Banana Squash

1. Yellow Zucchini
2. Green Zucchini
3. Straightneck Squash
4. Zephyr Squash
5. Chinese Okra


1. Green Cabbage
2. Artichoke
3. Collard Green
4. Red meat Radish
5. Armenian Cucumber
6. Extra mix green
7. Baby Bok Choy
8. Extra Banana Squash


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