Microgreens and Lots of news

Sorry for the long silence!  Seems like Mother Nature has forgotten to take her meds, but warm weather is on the way.  And most of the crops have survived!  Everyone here at Zoe’s has recovered from our spring illnesses, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic start for the season.

If you haven’t signed up yet, but are planning to do so, please be quick!  We’re starting the season in mid-May this year, and we’d love to have you.  Also, you can still take advantage of installment payments.  If you’re still on the fence on which CSA to join, I’d respectfully point out that Zoe’s is the only farm I’m aware of that includes fruit in the shares (and David has increased his fruit trees this year!).

First piece of news:  Microgreens.  These are highly nutritious, gourmet bundles of taste.  Farther along than a traditional sprout, but not big enough to be planted out in the garden, microgreens are the 8-12 day old shoots of various vegetables.  David has been working with a wide variety, including pea shoots and red russian kale microgreens.  If you’ve heard of these trendy little guys, it is through high end restaurants and gourmet magazines.  They come at a premium in the grocery, but they’re going to be included in the first several weeks of our shares this year.  They go well on salads, are fantastic used on sandwiches, and can be snacked upon straight from the harvest.

Second:  We’re still on for an early start to the season.  David anticipates deliveries to drop off points starting Tuesday May 17th.  The expected list could include (depending on weather, of course) arugula, watercress, microgreens, spinach, baby bok choy, mustard greens, garlic scallions, parsnips, sunchokes, amaranth greens, and lettuce.
Third:  FARM DAY!  David would like to invite all the members to a day at the farm.  We’ll be digging sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes, a starchy root tuber), and if the weather is right, planting out some seedlings.  The plan is for Saturday, May 14th, from 10 – 2.  The rainy day backup is Sunday, May 15th.  Watch this space for updates.

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