Using up your greens

The spring boxes contain A LOT of green stuff.  This is more an issue with the medium and large shares, but small share members – your time is coming!  On weeks that are short on time or meal ideas, using up all of those leafy greens can be a little difficult.  But with a few minutes in the kitchen, you can save them up for use later in the year when you are craving something green and healthy.

This site has some great instructions for freezing greens.  This will take less time than boiling pasta, and will save you that really horrible feeling of reaching into your crisper to find that chinese broccoli or spinach you really intended to make into something tasty — last week, before it wilted all over the place.

A couple of quick tips:  Slightly wilted greens work well for this – it doesn’t have to be salad quality to freeze for later use.  Also, once you have all these green baggies in your freezer, you have to find a use for them.  Soups are great, and these work for items like spinach dip.


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