Week 3 Lists

I will update this later with a picture guide, but I thought people might appreciate a listing of the shares earlier in the evening.  I believe that we’ve seen all of these items in the past, except for some lettuce.

young garlic
green asparagus
onion scapes
onion chives
easter egg radishes
great lake lettuce
microgreen mix
mung bean sprouts
wheat grass
red sunchokes

small +
Chinese snow broccoli
red sail lettuce

medium +
Chinese broccoli
baby bok choy
baby spinach
romaine lettuce

white sunchokes
extra spinach

extra radishes
extra wheat grass

I don’t see anything to describe as new, except the lettuce.  I suspect that if you don’t know what to do with lettuce though, you’re probably not receiving a share of produce from a farm!

David thinks that next week will be the last on the sunchokes.  I know we’ve had some reports of, um, discomfort with the chokes.  My best advice is try them again in smaller quantities — we responded better the second and third time we ate them.  If it was just too much, befriend a vegetarian or an adventurous diabetic — both should appreciate the gift.  Next week might also be the last of the young garlic… they’re getting ready to get really tough in the warmer weather.  There might be a couple of pounds all at once, so you’ll want to prepare yourself for making a pesto that you can freeze.  More on that next week.


Small Share
Medium Share (the difference will become more
pronounced when the fruit comes into season)
Large Share
Great Lake, Red Sail, and Romaine lettuces

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