Fastest soup in the West — from the East

From the kitchen of Alissa, our illustrious CSA manager, comes a fast and easy way to use up your greens.

Miso Soup with Greens and shaved Meat
You can use any kind of miso, any kind of greens, and any kind of meat (or no meat)
I chose to use:
– Dandelion Leek Miso from South River Miso (you can order online)  OR pick up any miso paste you like at the store
– baby bok choy, chinese broccoli, shungiku, mizuna
– I added ginger, but you don’t need to.  I added chopped garlic and onion scapes the other day I made it.  They’re good too.  I was just lazy today.
– Shaved ground chunk (from Zoe’s Garden of course ; )
1) Take meat out of freezer
1) Boil Water in a tea kettle (I like to stop it just before boiling)
2) As water is heating, chop greens & put them in your soup bowl(s)
3) Add miso to the soup bowl(s) (follow recommendations on package as to how much)
4) Use a really sharp knife to shave really thin slices of the frozen meat. Set aside.
5) Pour hot (just before boiling) water in your bowl & mix until miso is dissolved
6) Add meat (the hot water will cook it)
7) Eat

One thought on “Fastest soup in the West — from the East

  1. After reading my recipe, I realized one instruction was confusing. I don't put the greens in as the water is heating up. I wait until the water is ready, then I throw everything in. If you're using unpasteurized miso like I do, you want to throw that in last (after the frozen meat cools the water down a bit) to keep all the great probiotics and enzymes alive. Play with it. Have fun. Enjoy.


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