What are we missing?

I think it is time to check in with everyone who reads the blog for their share information.  We’re about a third of the way through the season and we’re getting ready to change over into the summertime vegetables.    What do you, as members, need more or less of in terms of information?

  • Do you need more recipes that try to use several ingredients at once?
  • Do you need more recipes for a particular veg?
  • Do you need more cookbook / website reviews?
  • Do you need more general use tips?
  • Do you need _________ ?
Email me at produce@zoegarden.com or leave a comment.  Please!

3 thoughts on “What are we missing?

  1. Do I use the onion and garlic scrapes like regular onion and garlic? That is what I am doing, but would love some advice. Thank you!


  2. Basically, yeah. They're just a milder flavor and don't need to cook as long. They also can be used to make fantastic pestos (blended to a puree) or a simple fast pasta sauce (quickly chopped and tossed) in combination with your favorite herbs, nuts, and oils.


  3. Love the recipes. I have made several with great results. I would like more tips on general storage for unusual items. I've followed most of the storage tips posted and found lettuce and greens have stayed very fresh for a week or more. However, I kept the spring onion with my other, mature onions and the inside rotted.


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