Week 13 Lists

TOP: white pattypan, sunburst, zephyr, Italian striped
MED: beets, garlic, red cabbage, raspberries, apricots
BOT: spinach, purslane, green beans, radishes

white pattypan squash
sunburst pattypan squash
zephyr squash
Italian striped squash
Detroit red beet
red cabbage
raspberries (Dinkum)
apricots (the last)
blue lake green beans
champion radish

straightneck, mediterranean, peach, spaghetti, zephyr

straightneck squash
mediterranean squash
young spaghetti squash
early peaches
extra zephyr squash

TOP: Chinese mustard, bok choy, amaranth, buttercrunch lettuce
MID: favas, micro basil, pea shoots, wheat grass
BOT: golden zucchini, flying saucer

Chinese mustard
baby bok choy
Chinese butter crunch lettuce
fava beans
micro purple basil
micro pea shoots
wheat grass
golden zucchini
flying saucer squash
extra raspberries
extra green beans
extra radishes

This succulent is generally thought of as a weed, but it is nutritious and purportedly delicious (I’ve never tried it, sorry!).  It is a rare plant relatively high in omega-3s, the healthy fats.  Wrap it in a moist paper towel and plastic, and store in the crisper.  Eat quickly.  Wash and remove the larger stems.  It can sub for spinach in most cooked recipes, is added to soups and omelettes, in salads or on sandwiches, stir-fried or pureed.

Using up the squash — I’m working on making crunchy pickles out of some of the squash.  They’re relatives of cucumbers, so they can’t be too far off.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.  In the meantime, they’re gourmet little guys rather than your bog-standard zuccs and yellow squash, so try sauteeing, grilling, and roasting them until they’re all gone in September.


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