Week 14 Lists

I was swamped tonight — I dropped by the house during the work day to throw the veg in the fridge and then took off for more events.  Pulling it all back out to photograph at 10pm was a little daunting.  No pictures, sorry, but there’s nothing here this week that isn’t self explanatory for what it is or something that I’ve pictured before.  Corn and peaches are the new guys.  I am putting a whack of recipes in a second post to help with using a few of these items up, though.

garlic chives
Blue Lake green beans
peaches (early red haven)
white pattypan squash
sunburst squash
Italian green zucchini
zephyr squash
yellow squash
sweet corn (!!)

flying saucer squash
straight neck squash
Mediterranean squash
Chinese green beans
extra peaches

micro pea shoots
red cabbage
Chinese broccoli
bok choy (slightly different variety than usual)
micro purple basil
micro green basil
micro wheat grass
extra raspberries
extra blackberries
extra broccoli


2 thoughts on “Week 14 Lists

  1. You can absolutely treat the green beans the same. The Chinese are a slightly wider, flatter variety, not quite as tender as the Blue Lakes.


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