Winter – Week 2 (Oct 18/19)

Lots of greens this week.  Most of them are pretty hardy, so keeping them loosely wrapped in plastic in the bottom of the fridge should be sufficient.  The sorrel and spinach will want a little more babying, with some paper towel in the bag with the greens (in the crisper).  The radish and turnips can probably be kept loose in the crisper if you remove their green tops first (save for soup stock);  both roots are tasty raw with a strong cheese or roasted.

broccoli raab
turnip greens
white pattypan squash
black radish
baby turnip
marketmore cucumber
Japanese cucumber
lemon cucumber
green bell pepper
mixed color miniature sweet bell
blue kale
golden raspberries
red raspberries

Meat share:  lamb loin roast

raspberries, peaches, pears, tomatoes, plums

sorrel, parsley, spinach

blue kale, turnip greens, broccoli raab

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