Winter – Week 3 (Oct 25/26)

Sorry, no pics.  I was moving the parts to make a new chicken coop while I had access to a truck.  Not a lot new, apart from the varieties of peppers we’ve received (most about the level of a banana pepper — not hot) and the banana squash (large and orange, very sweet fleshed winter squash).

San Marzano tomatoes
Italian prunes
Macintosh apples
marketmore cucumber
lemon cucumber
poblano pepper (dark green, mildly spicy)
mariachi pepper  (light green / yellow, not spicy)
mirasol pepper  (mid-green / red, not spicy)
green bell pepper
broccoli raab
bok choi
black radish
Chinese red radish
baby turnip
banana squash

MEAT:  ground lamb
    — the beef is out for processing, but there is a couple of week queue


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