Winter – Week 5 (Nov 8/9)

Another typical fall share.  I’m happy to see the salad greens reappearing!  I was just starting to buy salad again in the grocery, so the seasons must be telling us it is time for some raw leafy things.  Salads are a great way to use thin sliced lemon cukes / kohlrabi / radishes / beets / peppers, or change it up and throw some roasted red onions and potatoes / winter squash on there with hummus and olives.

Some simple side dishes for you:
– fry some apple and kohlrabi slices in butter with a pinch of coriander or some other subtle spice.
– chop 3-4 slices of bacon into bits, fry them, toss halved brussel sprouts into the mix, serve when softish.
– the plums are soft.  Halve them, pit them, simmer them gently in a little water and light seasoning (think coriander, nutmeg, or a single clove).  Serve as a topping for pork chops, lamb roasts, or rice pudding.

Bell pepper
Mariachi pepper
Marisol pepper
Anaheim pepper
Poblano pepper
Lemon cucumber (soft, but sweet and crunchy inside)
Black radish
Kale (Siberian like last week, I believe)
Brussel sprouts
Banana squash
Mixed greens (wash ’em well)
Macintosh apple
Italian prune

potatoes and onions (they weren’t on the list David put in my box, but they were in my box.  If you don’t see them in yours, apologies… they were a small “guy who handles the blog” bonus)

Meat:  lamb roast

Top: Banana squash, potatoes, onions, tomato
Bottom: beets, black radish, plums, Macintosh apples

Top: Broccoli, lemon cukes, bell pepper, brussel sprouts
Bottom: Poblano, Anaheim, Mariachi, Marisol

Salad greens, kohlrabi, kale (Siberian I think)

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