Winter – Week 6 (Nov 15/16)

A couple of new items this week…

Hubbard squash (are these more manageable chunks working?)
Spaghetti squash
Red Pontiac potatoes
Yukon Gold potatoes
Black radish
Collard greens
Winter red kale
Red beets
Red Delicious apples
Golden Delicious apples
Bell pepper
Marisol pepper

MEAT: lamb loin (beef is being portioned out now)

Beets and Turnips — Remove the greens, scrub the root clean, wrap them loosely in plastic, and keep in the crisper or the bottom back of the fridge.  The root will stay good for weeks this way.  The beet greens are definitely edible (use them like chard or spinach), but the turnip greens always look like hell this time of year.

Daikon — This is a Japanese radish, and it literally means “large (dai) root (kon)”.  The greens aren’t bad but aren’t great, and you can dispose of them without feeling too bad (or save them for soup stock).  The root is a crispy, mildly spicy radish.  Store loosely wrapped like beets and turnips, but remember they are a little more tender and won’t keep as long.  I only ever use them in miso soup, but I make it pretty often.  They are also fairly tasty raw and as a quick pickle.  Try grinding them very fine (think apple sauce texture), mixing in a splash of soy sauce, and serving as a topping for grilled tofu, fish, or vegetables.  Another use:  shredded with carrots and tossed with a mix of sesame seeds, mild vinegar, and soy sauce.

Spaghetti squash — This is a slightly tender winter squash.  Store it someplace cool and dark.  The flesh inside is stringy (thus “spaghetti”), but when roasted and scraped out, it is great topped with pasta-style sauces.

Potatoes and Onions — Keep them cool and dark, with your winter squash.  These should keep most of the winter.

Cut winter squash — David is hoping that the smaller pieces of winter squash are working for weekly use, particularly with the singles and small families who won’t use up a whole hubbard in one fell swoop.  It should go right to the fridge, but I find it is keeping there for a couple of weeks if you’re careful.

spaghetti squash, hubbard squash, spinach, golden and red delicious apples

top: onions, red potatoes, yukon gold, bell peppers, marisol pepper, black radish
bottom: beets, turnips

daikon, red kale and collards (red kale has red stems, I bundled them accidentally)

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