Holiday Boxes!

I realized I want to post a preliminary share list for the week because 1) you’re all making shopping lists and recipes for Thursday and 2) this is the holiday share box and it sounds HUGE.

David mentioned all of the following for the box this week:
beets, parsnips, potatoes (5-6lbs of red and gold), onions, garlic, parsley, chard, salad greens, radishes, turnips, rutabaga, apples, some frozen berries, winter squash (two kinds, I think, at least one good for pies), possibly sunchokes, and probably some prepared items (jams and berry syrups).  I know I’m leaving a couple of things out, too.  I think there’s a good chance we’ll see spinach, kale, and peppers, as well.

The reason I say huge is that David estimates our usual shares at a $35 box, at a discount over his wholesale items.  He puts these boxes closer to $60, with the discount.  Wait until Tuesday evening to do your grocery shopping if possible, so I can get a final list up.  I’ll also find a couple of recipes for very holiday centered fare that includes the odder items… it will all feel very old world.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Boxes!

  1. Both the hubbards and banana squash we've received in the last two weeks will work great, and will be creamier than a pumpkin. David mentioned an heirloom squash that he was hoping to get picked this morning for the shares — nuttier and sweeter, making it perfect for the pies. I've used sugar pumpkins most often, but hubbard is traditionally used in New England. Butternuts are quite popular. I've had good luck with kuri squash (look like small, reddish Hubbards).


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