Winter – Week 9 (Dec 6/7)

Pontiac Red potatoes
Yukon Gold potatoes
Yellow onion
Black radish
Salad Mix
Red Kale
Banana squash
Fresh frozen peaches
Golden delicious apples
Fuji apples
Macintosh apples
Granny Smith apples

Kale — cut away the center stem and the thicker veins.  Cut the leaves into thinner ribbons when cooking to be sure they get tender.  Saute ribbons with garlic and shallots until tender; fold into omelette.

Frozen peaches — if they’re still mostly frozen, you can keep them in the freezer for a couple of months.  If they’re starting to thaw, they’ll keep in your fridge for several days at least.  Eat as fresh, with cream or mascarpone, or blend into smoothies.  Fresh peach taste!

Tomorrow I’ll post a fantastic (and easy) risotto recipe using the onions, garlic, banana squash, and spinach.

No meat this week, sorry.  When the butcher gets caught up, so will we!

TOP: spinach, salad mix, red kale
MID: black radish, turnips, parsnip, yellow onion, garlic, shallots, banana squash
BOT: gold & red potatoes, beets, golden delicious, macintosh, granny smith, Fuji

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