Of meat and frozen fruit…

The meat processor is finally accepting the animals today, and they should be traveling on to the butcher’s this week.  David is really sorry for the delay, and has been repeatedly frustrated.  The number of small processors and butchers available to local growers has continued to shrink as big-agra has consolidated animal operations.  You’ll get your money’s worth in the end, but when you’re expecting a little meat each week, a long dry spell followed by a huge pile is less than satisfying.  Apologies from the farm.

How are you all enjoying the fresh frozen fruit?  I say fresh because David’s wife spent hours in the late summer / early fall blanching, peeling, cutting, and packing the fruits.  They’re generally stuff that was picked faster than could sell at the market (usually ahead of storms) or that was picked all at once after the end of market (ahead of the first hard frosts).  I think the taste and texture has been way better than canned, plus it is local.  We’ve enjoyed them in yogurt, over ice cream, and in cobblers so far.

BOXES!  David isn’t getting boxes back from some folks.  Please return the boxes to your pickup sites.  They are expensive, hard to get hold of, and incredibly reuseable.


2 thoughts on “Of meat and frozen fruit…

  1. The fruit is fantastic–it tastes incredibly fresh! We're excited to get the meat eventually even if in a larger "pile"… it has been delicious. Thanks for everything.


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