Winter – Week 12 (Dec 27/28)

A couple of days late, and no pics… sorry.  Nothing new anyway, but after getting off the plane, it was all I could do to get the veggies in the fridge.  I know I’m getting a minor backlog of winter squash, and even though it keeps great, we want to use it up.  I will post some tested recipes for winter squash tomorrow.

Yukon Gold Potatoes
Red Pontiac Potatoes
Yellow Onions
Hubbard Squash
Fresh Frozen Peaches

David says this week was a little light (volume-wise) because of the honey.  It retails for $15 a jar.  He wanted to change it up a little as the waves of greens and salad stuff come and go.  Expect it to increase a little in variety and volume again as the weeks progress.

MEAT UPDATE!  The lamb will be done today, the beef will be done Friday or Monday.  There will be meat in the boxes starting with your next pickup.


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