Winter – Week 14 (Jan 10/11)

Keep those potatoes and onions someplace dark and cool-ish.  They should keep until well after the CSA ends in February.  Check periodically and remove any gone squishy, gooey, or off.  The rest will keep better that way.

Hubbard Squash
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Red Pontiac Potatoes
Yellow Onion
Baby Daikon Radish
Roasted peppers *

MEAT: ground beef, lamb rib, ground chuck**, lamb shank**

* The peppers are roasted, frozen versions of the peppers from the summer.  They are an (unfortunately unlabeled) selection of red bell, marisol, poblano, and anaheim.  None of those are terribly hot, but some bags will have a little more heat than others.

** Double meat this week to help pay back the meat shares.  Expect a little more lamb and rib shank in the next couple of weeks, so that larger families can gather up enough to make a full meal.

Spinach, hubbard, roasted peppers, onions, baby daikon
shallot, parsnip, garlic, turnip, beets, red and gold potato

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