Winter – Week 16 (Jan 24/25)

I want to thank everyone for bearing with us in our first winter CSA shares.  On the whole, I think it has been pretty successful so far.  While David has been serving restaurants in the winter for a couple of years, it takes a few seasons to figure out the timing / logistics / varieties that work best for a consumer level of expectations.  Meat, potatoes, spinach, and winter squash seem natural for the colder months, and we all have good supplies of local staples that keeps for a few months and can be supplemented with just a little bit of green stuff from California.

Yukon gold potatoes
Pontiac red potatoes
Hubbard squash
Roasted peppers (frozen)

MEAT: Ground beef, Lamb shank, and an extra Lamb loin roast


2 thoughts on “Winter – Week 16 (Jan 24/25)

  1. The winter CSA share was awesome! This was our first time ever doing a CSA, and we are hooked. Where/When can we sign up for spring/summer/fall shares?….


  2. "Summer" shares are due to start as early as mid-April, but we're still waiting to find out what the weather will bring. We are finalizing the share details and signup process now. It should be the same pricing as last summer, with at least some of the same drop sites. Watch this space for updates.


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