Summer 2012 Week 1 (April 17)

As a heads up for the new members… what I typically do is post the list here just after I pick vegetables up from David. Later tonight, I’ll post pictures of the produce so you can more easily identify them, as well as any recipes.

A few quick tips:

  • Asparagus keeps best if you stand it up in a bowl of water in the fridge
  • Greens store best wrapped in a paper towel, then wrapped loosely in a plastic bag, then tucked into the crisper.  A ziploc will sub for a crisper when you run out of room.  The thicker the greens, the less important it is to baby them — i.e., eat your salad greens first and your collards later in the week.
  • Cleaning produce immediately before use tends to help it keep, but very wilted or slimey leaves should be removed before storage
  • Microgreens are delicate, baby plants.  Restaurants pay top dollar for them, so enjoy them fresh on salads, with crackers and cheese, or straight from the container.

blue kale
mustard greens
collard greens
swiss chard
Chinese snow broccoli
microgreen mix w/ edible flowers

mixed salad greens
extra spinach
extra asparagus
extra radish

extra spinach
extra mixed greens
extra kale
extra mustard
extra collards
extra chard
extra kohlrabi
extra onions
extra asparagus
extra radish

ground beef
ground lamb


Top: chard, mustard, collards, kale; Bottom: kohlrabi, onions
spinach, asparagus, radishes, Chinese snow broccoli
apples, mixed greens, microgreens with flowers, parsley, turnips, beets, parsnips
Microgreens with edible Fuscia

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