Summer 2012 Week 2 (April 24th)

Don’t forget your boxes and any little containers you may have!

Here’s the list for this week.  Boxes will be to the drop sites by 2:00 p.m. today.  Pictures will follow later tonight, but it is mostly a repeat of last week — check there if you’re lost (or if this is your first delivery and you need to know about storage and handling).

Swiss chard
mustard greens
blue kale
collard greens
purple asparagus
green garlic (ramps)
salad mix

turnip greens
green asparagus
extra radishes
extra salad mix

micro basil
micro pea shoots
micro cilantro
micro radish
edible flowers
extra radish
extra kohlrabi
extra onion
extra chard
extra mustard greens
extra collard greens
extra garlic
extra green asparagus
extra spinach
extra salad mix
extra turnip greens

mixed lamb (random selection of leg, shank, or ribs)

David says he doesn’t like giving people different items for the meat cuts, but they haven’t finished the processing on his current batch of lambs.  He had a few of each cut but not enough of any one kind.


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