Summer 2012 Week 3 (May 1st)

Edit:  My camera gave up the ghost tonight.  No pictures until I can fix the battery door or root around for a spare.  Sorry for the lack of graphical illustrations.  I will make it up by posting several recipe ideas tomorrow.

(Pictures later tonight, but nothing is new.  See last week or the week before last if you need it before then.)

Weather related disappointments this week:
1. Rain in the last day or two has the fields too muddy to pick a few items that David was hoping to deliver (sorrel and a few others). He’s disappointed in the size of the share, and the variety for this week, so know that it will be made up for in the coming weeks. Ahh, spring.
2. An unexpected freeze last week nipped the asparagus tips. They’re just a little ugly this week — David isn’t trying to pass them off as perfect produce, though.  Ahh, spring in the Mountain West.

mustard greens
collard greens
blue kale
green asparagus
young garlic
mixed salad greens

Swiss chard
turnip greens
extra kohlrabi
extra spinach
extra radish
extra mustard greens
extra collard greens

micro purple basil
micro radish
extra collard greens
extra garlic
extra blue kale
extra kohlrabi
extra chard
extra asparagus
extra radish
extra mixed greens
extra spinach

ground beef
sirloin steak


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