Summer 2012 Week 4 (May 8th)

Something new:  sorrel, sometimes called “lemon spinach”.  Store it as you would spinach, loosely wrapped in plastic with a paper towel included.  It is a bright flavored leafy green, bordering on sour.  Think kiwi fruit, or rhubarb.  A little is lovely in a salad, on a sandwich, or served steamed with spinach.  Try this post last year for a couple of ideas.  If you received several bunches, don’t eat all of them by yourself in one sitting.  It is very healthy in normal quantities, but the oxalic acid that makes it sour is not good for you in very large doses.

Edit:  The spinach has big fat stems on it.  David says these are very sweet and tasty, steamed or boiled just like the rest of the spinach.

radishes (red champion)
collard greens
Swiss chard (white)
mustard greens
Bloomsdale spinach
green garlic

Swiss chard (red)
red leaf lettuce
green leaf lettuce
mixed greens
extra asparagus
extra sorrel
extra kohlrabi

extra Swiss chard (red)
extra kohlrabi
extra asparagus
extra radishes
extra mustard greens
extra collards
extra kale
extra onions
extra mixed greens
extra sorrel

Varies randomly by share:  one package each of cube steaks and ground beef, or one each of short ribs and ground beef.


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