Spinach, flowers and all

Quick note:  We’ve all become so accustomed to baby spinach in giant clamshells, we probably don’t recognize it when it gets to be full-grown.  I had to taste mine because I thought it was Chinese broccoli, and I neglected to pass on David’s notes to you all on Tuesday.  Those big, stemmy, flowering greens we received this week are spinach.  The entire thing is edible, flowers and all, and David says it is much more common to see it that way in Asia (where he grew up).  He’s also quite excited that the spinach is producing large roots this year.  After another week of harvesting tender leaves, we might see something pretty unique — edible spinach roots.  I will be sure to have David give us at least one recipe for how his mother prepares them.


One thought on “Spinach, flowers and all

  1. I treated mine like chard, sauteing onions and garlic and adding the stems a couple minutes before the leaves and it was perfect.


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