Summer 2012 Week 5 (May 15th)

Welcome to new members. We’ve added quite a few in the last couple of weeks. Go back a few weeks for advice on storing and identifying the various things in your box.  Pictures will follow this evening, but in the meantime…

The mediums and larges are a little smaller than usual this week. It will kick back up next week. There just wasn’t enough time with the planting of the hot weather crops to get to all the harvesting for the week. David apologizes. He is pretty swamped and frazzled at the moment. (You all might not be aware that he works at least one other job to makes ends meet on the farm, and still manages to deliver huge amounts of produce.)

blue kale
Bloomsdale spinach
green leaf lettuce
red leaf lettuce
purple asparagus
green asparagus
Italian parsley
green garlic
salad mix
Chinese snow broccoli

Swiss chard
collard greens
goji berry greens (treat these like baby spinach, and you’re doing just fine)

extra red lettuce
extra green lettuce
extra salad mix
baby yu choi (looks like baby spinah
red Swiss chard
butternut squash

EXTRA — I found mustard greens in mine, and the goji berry leaves had mint mixed in there.  Pick it out and eat it separately.

MEAT — Beef roasts


3 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Week 5 (May 15th)

  1. Hi all,

    I have a large share from Zoe’s and will be running a food blog during the summer season. (If all goes well, I’ll continue it with the winter share.) I’ll be posting 2-3 times per week, and using ingredients from the farm share in adapted and original recipes. I’ll also have info on preserving and freezing.

    To respect Zoe’s webmaster, I won’t put links to all my posts on the Zoe’s site. So, if you’re interested in my blog, please follow it or sign up for e-mail updates. Feel free to share the blog with anyone you think may be interested.

    Below are the recipes up so far:

    Kale chips:

    Homemade Veggie Stock (How-To):

    Roasted veggie pasta with cashew and sorrel pesto:


    • Since this blog is maintained primarily for members, any and all information is much appreciated. Use us to drive visits to your site, and I’m happy to link out to your recipes. It sounds like a great way to increase peoples’ exposure to recipes, or at the very least, will provide inspiration for me to step up my game. Thanks for the links — member sharing is great.


  2. parsely pesto
    I used the mountain of parsely this week to make several cups of parsely pesto which I use as part of a lasagna cheese filling. It freezes great.
    just use the same recipe as last week substituting parsely for sorel.


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