Summer 2012 Week 6 (May 22nd)

edit:  I put pics of just the new or confusing items at the bottom.  We had some spinach that was young and recognizable, and some spinach that was old and going to flower.  Old spinach looks a little like snow broccoli, which looks like broccoli rabe, which looks like young mustard.  It all eats!  New members, scroll back through the last few weeks to see pictures of the other items and immediate recommendations on how to handle, store, and cook the items.  I generally post everything, but tonight was busy and things were wilting.

Hey all!  Busy weeks (for those with kids in school).  Maybe for those that don’t, too, what with holidays and races and summer festivals starting.

A lot of the same this week, and there will be for the next two to three as well as this weather holds.  We have another round of greens plantings to nosh our way through, and then we’ll have our warm weather crops of squash showing up.  In that vein, please respond to this post with suggestions of what is overwhelming you.  Too many kohlrabi sitting in the crisper?  Heads of lettuce going soft before you can eat them?  I will try to suggest easy, tasty uses for the overly abundant.

broccoli raab (rabe, rape, rapini)
red giant mustard
Chinese snow broccoli
goji berry greens (just one branch, enough to mix in salad)
green garlic
green asparagus
purple asparagus
yu choi (relative of bok choy, broccoli, and rabbi)
spinach (back to the baby leaves)
green leaf lettuce
red leaf lettuce

baby Chinese buttercrunch lettuce
blue kale
collard greens
extra goji berry greens

onions (the last, everything else has sprouted)
turnip greens
extra goji berry greens
extra yu choi
extra spinach
extra Chinese buttercrunch
extra Chinese snow broccoli

random assortment of steaks


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