Summer 2012 Week 7 (May 29th)

Pics followed late, sorry.  There are a couple of items to identify — the scapes are new, as are the orache (purple stuff) and the beet greens (looks like red stemmed chard, which it effectively is).  In the next couple of weeks, the greens will be fading out and the cukes, squashes, and fruits will start to arrive.

Reminder:  Saturday, June 2nd, anytime between 8:00 and noon, visit the farm @ 1700 North Fort Lane, Layton, UT.  There will probably be some farm tasks to do like tying up raspberries, but mostly it is a chance to meet David and see where your food comes from.

Scapes — these are the pointy flower stalks of alliums such as garlic, onions, and shallots.  They are both pretty and tasty.  They’ll hold up in the fridge running loose pretty well, but wrap them loosely in plastic to keep them safe.  They will add a mild “onion” taste to whatever you cook with them, making them great for tossing in the skillet, or raw into pasta, salad, or pesto.

Orache — I’ve never seen this, but everything I’ve read says “treat it like spinach”.  I pulled off the leaves and gave the woody stems to the chickens.  It is very pretty, though, so I’m guessing it will add some lovely color to some dish.

Mystery Young Turnip — These were culled from between the rows of the turnips and rutabaga, so David isn’t sure which they are.  They get the same treatment — either chunk them and roast them, or slice, blanch, and saute with a bit of butter and savory herbs.  The leaves are totally edible, but mine were a little bug nibbled for my family’s tastes (and I’m already swimming in the large share’s turnip greens) so I also fed these to the chickens.

Swiss chard
turnip greens
green lettuce
red lettuce
green asparagus
purple asparagus
green garlic
Chinese snow broccoli
baby yu choi

bok choy
extra turnip greens
extra Swiss chard

baby turnips (or possibly rutabagas — the rows commingled)
shallot scapes
mixed greens
beet greens
extra kohlrabi
extra Swiss chard
orache (red orach, French spinach)



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