Summer 2012 Week 8 (June 5th)

(edit:  I’m very sorry to take until Thursday to finally post the pictures, but all end of the school year activities are out of the way.  Farmer’s market starts this weekend — be sure to stop by and say hello to David.)

Crazy week at the farm.  Lots of visitors on Saturday — David was happy to see all of you.  Weather, work load, and the lull between spring and summer crops has slowed the volume a bit, but it will pick up again in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, enjoy some fantastic salads before it gets too hot for the lettuce.

Green leaf lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Baby Chinese buttercrunch lettuce
Turnip greens
Baby turnips
Shallot scapes
Wild garden kale
Green garlic

Beet greens
Chinese snow broccoli
Bok choy
Goji berry greens

Swiss chard
Garlic scapes
extra Spinach



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