Summer 2012 Week 9 (June 12th)

Several new things this week for each share size. Normal handling applies. Greens should be wrapped in paper towels and then loosely in plastic, with the more delicate ones going into the crisper and the hardier ones just on the bottom shelf.  (pics when I get home from work)

Rhubarb — This will go well into deserts with strawberries or apples, or try something different and pair it will lentils in a curry.

Broccoli — There should be a lot of it ready next week, so I think even the small can look forward to it.

Purslane — Slightly sour and salty, this is considered a weed in the US and dinner in Europe. Use it in salads, stir fries, or soup.

Italian dandelion — Not actually a dandelion. This is a type of chicory, a bitter but gourmet leafy green. Try small amounts in salads, especially warm ones where they will wilt a bit and be tamed by hot oil or meat. Or treat like all bitter greens — saute quickly with garlic, oil, and/or bacon.

green leaf lettuce
red leaf lettuce
Chinese buttercrunch lettuce
turnip greens
shallot scapes
garlic scapes

Swiss chard
Chinese kale
extra garlic scapes
extra shallot scapes

orache (French spinach)
Italian dandelion greens
green garlic
extra garlic scapes
extra shallot scapes
extra lettuces
extra radishes
extra turnips
extra turnip greens

a random draw of ground beef, stew meat, or soup bones
Meat members, please write to me directly at for questions or comments about these random draws of meat. David is trying to balance week to week with the varying sizes of cuts and types.


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