Summer 2012 Week 10 (June 19th)

A few new things this week. Broccoli is coming on strong, about a month before David expected it. In as little as a week, we could be seeing berries, cherries, and the first of the summer squash. In the meantime…

turnip greens
baby turnips
garlic scapes
shallot scapes
garlic (the last)
Chinese buttercrunch lettuce
Siberian kale
Red Russian kale
Swiss chard
mustard greens

Lacinato kale
loose lettuce
sugarsnap peas
extra broccoli

candy stripe beets
purple kohlrabi
orache (French spinach)
amaranth greens
baby fennel
golden snow peas
extra sugarsnap peas
extra baby turnips
extra broccoli

either T-bone or Ribeye steaks


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