Summer 2012 Week 11 (June 26th)

FRUIT!!! And with the cherries, the turning of the seasons has arrived.  In the next two weeks, we can expect more squash, more cherries, carrots, apricots, and beets.  Unfortunately, we can also expect a few more bugs.  Sorry to anyone whose broccoli was covered in little gray aphids.  I have a note in with David on that — there may not have been time for a super thorough washing of the broccoli if that was the last thing out of the field today.  But at least you can rest assured as to the lack of poisons on your vegetables.

I’ll try to follow this up with some recipes earlier in the week than usual.

kale (red Russian)
buttercrunch lettuce
turnip greens
sugarsnap peas
Lambert cherries

extra turnip greens
extra buttercrunch lettuce
extra turnips
extra kale
extra broccoli

shungiku (chrysanthemum greens)
Chinese lettuce (David didn’t say the actual variety)
purple kohlrabi
extra cherries
extra broccoli
extra buttercrunch lettuce
extra sugarsnap peas
extra turnips

random assortment of ground beef (chuck, sirloin, etc)

My box also had a smaller bag with purslane and shungiku, so there is a chance that the small or medium will have funny little bunches of greens that are unidentified. I hope the pictures help.

SHUNGIKU — The leaves of a chrysanthemum flower, these are common in Asian cookery. They are sometimes called “chop suey” green for their use in stirfries, but I’ve mostly encountered them in simple soups (added at the end so as not to overcook).


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