Summer 2012 Week 12 (July 3rd)

Thanks for all the great feedback. I’m putting it together into suggestions for David, suggestions for how we manage things, and suggestions for myself and how I present information to everyone.

This is the last week of meat. I know we started off the season with the plan of 8 weeks at the beginning and 4 weeks at the end, but we lost track of the weeks and barreled on through. It works out to the same cost and volume for everyone, so no worries there. If you joined in the last couple weeks with a meat share and didn’t get your meat, please make contact and we’ll make it good.

Based on the number of aphids in the broccoli last week, David sprayed this week with a non-chemical, natural pesticide. It was a pyrethrin based insecticide with a really short life in the sunlight. It is safe for same day harvest, but he did it six days ago. It is made from crushed Chrysanthemum flowers and is entirely natural. It is one of the safest insecticides on the market for everyone concerned – except the bugs. The aphids should be almost totally gone, but he ended up throwing out a lot of broccoli last week. Any questions, please contact me.

green leaf lettuce
red leaf lettuce
mixed Swiss chard
sugar snap peas
red beets

extra red beets
extra turnips
extra sugar snap peas
extra green leaf lettuce
extra garlic

black raspberries
snow peas
extra Swiss chard
extra red leaf lettuce
extra turnip
extra garlic
extra sugar snap peas
extra cherries

ground beef or roasts (luck of the draw)


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