Summer 2012 Week 13 (July 10th)

Peas n carrots, berries n cherries

More lovely fruit! The apricots have arrived. They are ripe, so bruising is a possibility, but they were put as gently as possible on top of the boxes. Mediums received Chinese celery, which is edible raw just like normal celery but a little stringy. David says it is mostly used along with garlic and onions as a flavoring for dishes. I haven’t dug into my box yet for the carrots (I didn’t make it past the apricots), but if there are greens attached, those are VERY tasty and edible. Add to soup, stirfry, or salad for a surprisingly ‘carroty’ taste, or tempura batter and deep fry if you’re inclined.

Blackberries are just taking off, peaches are about two weeks out, and the tomatoes are tennis ball sized but green. The aphids ran away from the broccoli to the kale, so no kale this week.

red leaf lettuce
Chinese butter crunch lettuce
snap peas

Chinese celery
baby carrots
extra turnips

goji berry greens
extra baby carrots
extra apricots
extra snap peas
extra kohlrabi
extra red leaf lettuce
extra butter crunch lettuce


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