Summer 2012 Week 15 (July 24th)

Berries! And cucumbers! There’s quite a variety of beets this week, too.  Sorry for any confusion with the deliveries yesterday. Farmers don’t take holidays, but drop locations do. I think David got hold of everyone affected by phone, though.

All of the beet greens are completely edible (they are very similar to chard, which is a beet-less beet plant with overgrown leaves). Beets are good raw (sliced thin), roasted, or in soups. This week I sauteed mine with some balsamic vinegar and shallots, then tossed a pile of arugula in on top to braise down. The sweet and sour from the vinegar and beets helped to balance out that late season arugula bite. The golden, white, and candy striped beets all are milder than the usual red beets — plus they won’t stain your stuff!  They’re great for raw beet salads.

Purslane is REALLY delicate. Eat it within a day or so. The salty little leaves are great in salads. Keep it wrapped in a paper towel in a plastic bag in the fridge.

red beets
Japanese cucumber (skinnier and spiny)
red Russian kale
Swiss chard
gray squash
red amaranth

candy stripe beets
extra turnips
extra beets

red raspberries
golden beets
white beets
Marketmore cucumber
extra kohlrabi
extra blackberries
extra peaches
extra gray squash

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