A little link love

There are lots of people who know lots more about preserving veggies than I do.  I tend to eat them, freeze them, share them with neighbors, or feed them to the chickens (if I ignore them too long — at least they turn into eggs).  Here are a few great articles about storing your produce that do a far better job than I do.

From the Kitchn – Preserving without Canning

From Seriouseats – How to Quick Pickle

From Wild Fermentation – Making Sour Pickles — This site and the author of the books featured there is a fantastic resource for fermented and preserved foods.

From Grit – Canning Made Easy

And from the University of Georgia – A university extension guide to drying, freezing, and canning



3 thoughts on “A little link love

  1. Any suggestions on turnips? I’ve roasted, pan fried, raw in salads (sliced very thin), but I’m the only one in my family that will eat them!!


    • We made a turnip mash. I added a little greek flair greek yogurt and feta cheese. I just sautéed garlic and onion and mashed it up like mashed potatoes and added the yogurt and cheese at the end. We also tried doing a puree, I liked the mash much better. The puree had a funky texture. Give it a try!


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