Summer 2012 Week 17 (August 7th)

Sorry!  I forgot to post the pics.  Here are the difficult to differentiate items.

A couple of quick notes.  Peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants will start next week, as will more traditional peaches I think.  Next week will be a turnip-free week, David promises.  They’ve just done really well this year.  Honestly, I think turnips got the Europeans through the dark ages, before the potato arrived.  They just grow.  I’ll try to find a few recipes for you all to use them up (that don’t taste or smell so turnip-y for those that aren’t fans).  Check back later tonight and I’ll have pictures to identify the produce.

early beets
Armenian cucumber
summer squash
Swiss chard
doughnut peaches (note: these are best while green and not soft)
marketmore cucumber

red chard
sorrel (a.k.a. lemon spinach)
lemon cucumber
Asian cucumber
extra summer squash

baby bok choy
Chinese green beans
extra doughnut peaches
extra blackberries
extra straightneck squash
extra beets
extra turnips
more summer squash


3 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Week 17 (August 7th)

  1. On the turnip issue. This site looks promising, particularly the scalloped turnip recipe, I would need to adapt it for no dairy, but I’m guessing it will work as is for a lot of other people.


  2. I’ve discovered I’m not a huge fan of the turnip flavor! However, any kind of braise/soup takes the edge off, rendering them more potato-like. I had success with a lamb, turnip and lentil Indian curry in the slow cooker, and a kale, chorizo and turnip soup. No recipes links as they were kinda freestyled… A mash that’s 50/50 potato/turnip tastes like potato too.


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