Summer 2012 Week 18 (August 14th)

Sorry for the delay in posting. Just a quick note: Please return your boxes! And while you’re at it, throw berry containers, small plastic bins from store-bought items (think cherry tomatoes and salad mixes), and clean plastic bags in there too. Packaging drives up the cost of the produce, but keeps it safe on the way to your fridge.

The Chinese celery works well in stir fries and soups.  Some of the peaches might be a little hard still — put them in a paper bag on the counter and eat them as they ripen.  Some of mine were a little bruised, so I’m eating those first.  Large shares, the Romanesco broccoli looks like a hybrid with cauliflower, but it is actually an heirloom variety.  David says it is great roasted with garlic and olive oil.

turnips (Sorry! the guys picked them before David stopped them)
lemon cucumber
Armenian cucumber
Marketmore cucumber
red Russian kale
Chinese celery
Swiss chard
small peaches

Asian cucumber
white kohlrabi
extra Chinese celery
extra kale
extra squash

apples (Wealthy)
cherry tomatoes (mixed)
purple pepper
white pattypan squash
romanesco broccoli
red kale (I missed the name of this type, they’re heads instead of leaves)
extra blackberries
extra peaches
extra chard
extra sorrel
extra squash

My box included a cantaloupe, purslane, and broccoli that David didn’t mention in any of the share sizes (he rattles off the list to me from memory when I meet him).  So if’n you find those items, they’re supposed to be there.


One thought on “Summer 2012 Week 18 (August 14th)

  1. I am insanely jealous of the large share’s produce right now! Any tomatoes coming for us with the wee shares soon? (fingers crossed!)


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