Summer 2012 Week 19 (August 28th)

Tomatoes and peppers and melons, oh my! Tomatoes are coming on heavy, but they’re quite ripe. Some might be bruised — eat them first and know they were only bruised that morning during the harvest and handling (instead of on the truck 1,000 miles away last week). Peaches are also very ripe, and could arrive a little bruised. David thinks the yellow banana peppers are sweet variety he planted, but they could have some heat.

I will post a refrigerator pickle recipe to help deal with the piles of cucumbers. It didn’t work as well for the Armenians as proper pickling varieties, but it still makes a superior pickle for snacking on.

summer squash
lemon cucumber
marketmore cucumber
Armenian cucumber
yellow banana pepper
green bell pepper
Anaheim pepper
Swiss chard

red Russian kale
zucchini (extra large, good for baking)
green Armenian cucumber
wealthy apples
extra Anaheim peppers
extra bell peppers
extra lemon cucumbers

honeydew melon
red Swiss chard
red Anaheim peppers
extra blackberries
extra peaches
extra apples
extra Anaheim peppers
extra bell peppers


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