Summer 2012 Week 20 (September 4th)

Regular eggplant, French heirloom Ros Bianca, and Asian variety; Hungarian wax peppers, mexibell peppers, anaheims, and one that didn’t match the others

Warm weather veggies are on in force. Tomatoes, eggplants, and fruit for everyone. A quick reminder that the winter CSA shares are available for signup. They are all a little bigger than a small, at $35/week, with lots of warm weather veggies through October and November and all of your fall favorites (potatoes, winter squash, onions, etc) on into February.





Hungarian wax pepper
Anaheim chili
Mexibell pepper
Green bell pepper
summer squash
Armenian cucumber
lemon cucumber
Marketmore cucumber
Swiss chard
yellow pattypan squash
white pattypan squash

mixed cherry tomatoes
Asian cucumber
extra Swiss chard
baby squash
extra bell pepper
extra nectarines
extra peaches

golden melon
extra eggplants (French heirloom Ros Bianca and Asian)
extra blackberries
extra peaches
extra chard
extra cherry tomatoes
extra tomatoes
extra Asian cucumber
extra lemon cucumber
extra Marketmore cucumber


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