Winter 2012 Week 3 (October 16th)

Sorry for the delay with the post. I was self-identifying the veggies and wanted to verify with David what a couple were this morning. I did make two errors in the photographs below. There is only one casaba melon (I unpacked right next to the melon from last week and it slipped into the picture) and I left out the Chinese celery. And away we go!

casaba melon
young banana squash (sweet, treat like a pumpkin or butternut)
baby mustard greens
baby bok choy
baby arugula
baby broccoli raab
ros bianca eggplant
baby turnips
young carrots
Chinese celery

The baby greens are all tender and a little spicy.  Store them in the crisper in the plastic bags, but they’ll last a little longer if you put a paper towel in the bag too.  You could eat them raw as a salad, cutting the bitter bite with some oil and salt.  They are even better as a bed for something hot that will wilt them, like a cut of meat/fish/tofu, or roasted potatoes/beets, especially with some juices or sauce drizzled over them.  They are also quite tasty as a quick braise with garlic, oil, salt, and pepper.

The beet greens and the carrot tops are both totally edible.  Carrot tops add a great flavor to salads and fried rice.  Remove the tops of all the root vegetables before storing them dirty in the fridge.  Wash immediately before eating.


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