Winter 2012 Week 5 (October 30th)

So…. I had this great picture composed and taken, put away the veg, cooked some of it up for dinner, and then the 4-yo got hold of the camera and it was deleted. Instead of photographic illustrations, you’re all stuck with the list as I can remember it! Sorry.

casaba melon
dinosaur kale (Lacinato kale)
red mustard greens
baby bok choy
potatoes (red and yellow)
winter squash (either a fairytale or a blue Hokkaido)

The dinosaur kale is the most exciting thing for my house. This is a very tender, very tasty (read: not bitter) kale, suitable for salads raw. Mine was used this morning to make a salad with olive oil, salt, and garlic (massaged or shaken together), mixed with diced apples, dates, avocado, and toasted pine nuts.


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