Winter 2012 Week 11 (December 11th)

As a heads up, Christmas falls on Tuesday in two weeks. We are trying to determine if a drop on Monday or Wednesday is better for our hosts and farmers. Stay tuned. Share for the week:

red potatoes
yukon gold potatoes
Napa cabbage
green cabbage
frozen strawberries!
butternut squash

MEAT: steaks and soup bones
boil the soup bones for an hour or two to make stock, or put them in the crock pot for three days to make a thick, highly nutritious bone broth

I will follow up with a few recipes, but for now, as a way to get rid of the weekly piles of squash, turnips, and cabbage, try googling:

turnip and winter squash soup (if you’re not a fan of the turnips, this hides them well)
Irish colcannon (cabbage and potatoes)
tatties and neeps (substitute turnips for the rutabaga)
borscht (will use up beets and cabbage)


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