Winter 2012 Week 15 (January 8th)

Sign-ups for next season are active. Go to the front page and get all the information. We’re running four 9-12 week seasons next year. Not a fan of greens? Skip the spring and head for the summer. Can’t get enough greens but get too busy rock climbing and skiing for the fall and winter cooking? Go for a spring and summer.

A little variety this week with the cold snap. Enjoy!

fingerling potatoes
microgreen mix
roasted peppers (frozen)
butternut squash

meat: mixed ground

A note about our drop sites: The manager’s at Granato’s have talked to us about people calling asking them to stay open a little later or hold their produce until the next day without ever showing up to get their boxes. Please treat them well. They are a business volunteering their space for our use without any gain. Call them only in emergencies, and be aware that if you leave your produce past their closing hours, it will most likely be forfeited / donated.

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