Of Beets and Cabbage

On a tip from the manager of our business side, Helena, I visited a site called Natasha’s Kitchen. She specializes in Ukrainian and Russian cooking. And Russia and our winter CSA shares have something in common — cabbage and beets hold up well in the cold. Here are the highlight recipes (for my tastes) I found on her site. Check them out and enjoy.

I think this one could be made with raw beets if you were inclined, or beets that you matchstick and then nuke gently just to take the edge off. Also, top with the microgreens. The sweet and the sharp go well together.

The faster of her two borscht recipes. Uses both cabbage AND beets AND onion AND potatoes.

I like fermented and pickled things, so this sounds great to me.

And while a good sauerkraut is fantastic, I went and found a recipe for Russian pickled cabbage for the adventurous. It does take three days to ferment, but this is faster than making sauerkraut. As I currently have kombucha, ginger beer, and mead all fermenting in my cupboard, I don’t think I’m allowed any more real estate — let us know how it compares if you try it.

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