Starting Early!!!

I wanted to let you know a couple of major items.  We’ve split the seasons into four 9-12 week blocks to better divide out folks who are overwhelmed by greens or who have their own gardens or just want a smaller block of veggies to work with.

We’re starting a week earlier than planned for our Spring shares!  It will be the same number of weeks, but we’re starting NEXT WEEK!  We’ll take pro-rated memberships throughout the season, but this first Spring block is only 10 weeks long.

We have shifted our drop locations and days around a bit as David has adjusted his schedule.  All drops will be complete by 2:00 on the day of their drop.  Right now we have

Bountiful  (member house – 2024 S 1175 E in Bountiful)
Sugarhouse  (member house – 2681 S. 1900 E.)
Holladay  (Granato’s – 4044 South 2700 East) — open until at least 6:00
Layton (Farm – 1700 North Fort Lane, behind the fence / mailboxes)

Park City (Recycle Utah – 1951 Woodbine Way) — Closes at 5:30
Draper (Member house – 938 Rosefield Lane)

Ogden (Harvest Moon – 1735 Skyline Drive) – Closes at 6:00
Salt Lake Downtown (Granato’s – 1391 South 300 West) — Closes at 5:00 now!!!
Salt Lake Downtown (Mountain Valley Seed – 455 West 1700 South) — Closes at 5:00

Please please please email with questions.  I hope this finds you all well, and I’m sorry for the sudden start.  The warm weather threw David for a loop.  But this first week is looking like chard, mustard, microgreens, spinach, salad, rutabaga, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, and lots of other fun stuff.


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