Spring 2013 Week 1

Ach! First week. We doubled the number of members in the last week, throwing David for a loop in getting the harvest count right. OK, it threw ME for a loop. But it looks good to me! Here’s the list and handling instructions.

microgreens (sunflower, something, and wheatgrass)
edible flowers (pansies)
mixed baby greens
baby rutabaga
baby turnip
roasted bell peppers (frozen, from last fall)
fingerling potatoes

extra wheatgrass
extra kale
extra mustard

LARGE (no large shares signed up this week)


Greens store very well wrapped in paper towels, rewrapped in their plastic bags, in the crisper. Collards are traditional southern greens, boiled with ham, but these are young enough to enjoy braised in stock or sauteed with garlic. The mustard and spinach are great for curries or sautees. The kale is young enough to eat as a salad (try olive oil, salt, garlic, avocado, dates, pine nuts, and apples), or is delicious quickly stir fried.

Dry roots
Garlic, potatoes, shallots, onions — They like it airy, dry, and dark. Shallots are milder forms of onions — use raw or toss in the skillet with the garlic. I think a roasting pan full of all four of these, chopped parsnip, olive oil, salt, pepper, and the roasted bell peppers sounds like a killer home fries.

Wet roots
Parsnips, rutabaga, turnip — Trim the tops off of these guys if you aren’t eating them in a day or so. The turnip and rutabaga are lovely peeled and sauteed with some butter. These would also be fantastic in a salad or sliced with a nice sharp cheese. The parsnips are a sweeter root, comparable with carrots but nuttier and simply lovely.

Microgreens + flowers
These are several steps up from sprouts. Where a sprout is 3 days old and costs about $0.79 a pound, a microgreen is 12 days old, grown in soil, and commands $30+ a pound from fancy restaurants. David specializes in these. The greens we received this week are definitely sunflower and wheatgrass, and something that I decided tastes like childhood (but I can’t place it). Sorghum? corn? I’ll ask David. The grass is good in smoothies and juicers, and probably as a sweet pesto. The microgreens can be enjoyed straight from the box, as an addition to salad, or as a fancy topping to steak or fish. The flowers are just pretty and tasty. Add them to a salad for pure elegance, or enjoy their peppery flavors just nibbling on them.

One thought on “Spring 2013 Week 1

  1. We got our first box from you today!! SO good. Like Christmas in March. We roasted the Parsnips with some carrots and sweet potatoes, rosemary, thyme, oregano, olive oil, garlic and the shallot. WOW. Wilted the Chard with stock, the onion, and some garlic and a little cider vinegar. Perfect veggie delight. Thanks for the veg!! So great to have organic foods 2 miles from home. Keep the good ideas coming!!


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