Summer 2013 Week 4 (July 9th)

I’m terribly sorry, but there aren’t any pictures today. I was swamped just getting things put away last night. There are one or two new things.

Purslane — Slightly sour and salty, this is considered a weed in the US and dinner in Europe. Use it in salads, stir fries, or soup. It might go well with agretti, mozzarella, tomatoes, and olive oil.

Green beans – Summer is officially here. Snap the tops off and boil in salted water for a few minutes — instant side dish. Does anyone else have a vivid memory of childhood, snapping piles of beans with grandma for canning?

Agretti – New to the shares this year, but not new as we’ve seen it a couple weeks now. I eat all of mine as a salad, but here is an Italian recipe with pasta. Italians also saute it with pancetta or bacon and serve it solo. I bet it would be good in a Cali roll (if you roll sushi at all) or in a spring roll wrapped in rice paper.

Thai basil – More robust under heat than typical basil, it tastes much the same. Holds up to stir fries and soups better.

purslane (delicate, eat early in the week)
baby squash
green beans
young red onions
walla walla yellow onion

baby kale
Thai basil
extra green beans
extra artichoke
extra agretti


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