Summer 2013 Week 8 (August 6th)

I left the camera (with pictures of your vegetables in it) at home. Sorry! I’ll put pics up tonight. In the meantime, here’s the shares:

summer squash
corn salad (leaf lettuce)
turnip greens
peaches (early variety, they don’t get large or very soft)

Thai basil
Gypsy pepper (a sweet pepper, but mine smelled a little spicy)
Italian squash (aka cucuzza, treat like zucchini)
extra peaches
extra rhubarb

I’ve been making a curry out of rhubarb, rutabaga, garlic, onions, and lentils. Cook the lentils ahead of time in a bit of stock, saute up the onions and garlic, stir in diced rhubarb and rutabaga, add a bit of water and the curry seasoning of your choice. Add the lentils when everything else is soft. Add more water for a saucy curry over rice, or eat it as is (especially if you add some shredded greens just before the lentils).


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