Summer 2013 Week 10

Next to last week! Sign up for fall to keep the goodness coming. And it only gets better when all the fruit comes in.

First-day-of-school-eve left me poorly organized for pictures. Luckily, the list was very similar to last week. The only difference was the varieties of eggplants and peppers. The new pepper in the medium share is a “holy mole” pepper (which I’ve been writing holy moly pepper for two years because I was getting the list from David over the phone each week). It is a relative of the pasilla, which is the most common type for making moles. We probably don’t have enough in the share for a whole pot of the delightful sauce, but use it anywhere you’d use a mild chile.

corn salad (a little bitter as salad, it gets sweet when you saute it)
turnip greens
gypsy peppers
doughnut peaches
baby turnip greens

extra doughnut peaches
extra eggplant
extra gypsy peppers
holy mole peppers


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