My family is sick of sauteed greens

I do this thing with greens that my family loves the first three times I do it in a season, and loathes the remaining twenty-six. Skillet, oil, garlic/shallots/spices, greens. Occasionally add bacon or sausage. It’s easy, makes a healthy side dish, and it uses the most abundant produce. But to avoid the eye-rolling this week, I branched out a bit. This same model can be used for almost any not-too-bitter green.

Basic Hearty Green Salad
1 bunch mizuna, shredded
1 bunch frisee, shredded
olive oil (a couple glugs)
salt (to taste, but more than you’d expect for a salad)
shallot, diced
2 oranges, peeled and chunked
walnuts/pecans, toasted in a skillet, a large handful

Combine the greens, oil, and salt, mix well, and set aside so the salt can soften the greens for at least 10 minutes. Toast the nuts while you cut up the other toppings, stirring them regularly because they go from toasted to burnt surprisingly fast. Combine everything together and eat. The greens won’t be too tough or bitter after the salt and oil work on them, and the rest makes for a hearty salad.

Other tasty additions, not necessarily with this combination, are acid (vinegar, lemon juice), fats (blue cheese, avocados), and spices (garlic, pepper). Here are a few other combos with things we’re likely to see in the next few weeks (listed as resting ingredients / final additions):


  • kale, oil, salt, garlic / avocado, dates, apples, toasted pine nuts
  • chard, oil, salt / pears, bleu cheese, toasted pecans
  • mizuna, sesame oil, soy sauce / dried apricots, any radish, toasted sesame seeds

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